Introducing the disposable rubber glove of the future!

Instead-A-Glove 1Dirty-handsWash Hands 2It’s a cream that forms a protective barrier coat to protect hands and skin from stains, oil, paint, grease, epoxy, silicone, lacquer, fiberglass, acetone, gasoline, superglue, PVC adhesives, dirt, grime, magic marker, ink and more.


  • Keeps hands and skin stain free
  • Easier to work  – get your agility back
  • No need to wear difficult to use hot sweaty gloves
  • Protects for hours until you rinse it off
  • Needs no soap – rinse with water only!
  • Glycerin base just like fine beauty products

Apply like a lotion – let dry for 20 seconds –  forget about it -go to work!

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